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Krashproof is DevOps & cloud consultancy. We help our clients automate the cloud.
Experts in DevOps: cloud automation and optimization

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About us

Some words about us

Krashproof works hard to help our clients achieve excellence with devops in the cloud. With Krashproof on your team you can introduce automation to your software development lifecycle, accelerating the agile velocity of your development teams and overall IT operations. After seeing the benefits we bring to their operations, many of our customers are eager to do more!

  • Experience - There are many ways to accomplish your goals, leverage Krashproof's experience to find a better way for your business
  • Iteration - Krashproof focuses on agile solutions, making modest improvements that add up without disrupting your operations
  • Value with metrics - We work hard to provide value to our clients by increasing the effiency of your cloud spend and ensuring you have measurable results.
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DevOps at Krashproof

Our team knows DevOps in and out. When you need continuous integration, Infrastructure as Code or automated deployments in your workflow, Krashproof can help. Whether with AWS, Google Cloud or Azure we can integrate your existing tools into CI/CD pipelines to ensure app or infrastructure changes are tracked and tested before deployment.

  • Develop - Empower your development teams to focus on the code and let DevOps do the rest.
  • Test - With test-driven development your teams can spot regressions right away. Preventing costly and error-prone debugging in production
  • Deploy - Using modern tooling, fast, reliable, and zero-downtime deployments are the new standard. Integration with your team's communications tools and monitoring systems lets all stakeholders have visibility.
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Contracting with Krashproof

We have a laser focus on DevOps, and we work across multiple countries, continents and languages to serve our clients. We work with clients in small businesses, financial instutions, government agencies, large multi-nationals, and tech firms in silicon valley. We are always looking for and developing highly skilled professionals for our team, so that we can bring the most value to our clients.

  • Milestone - For a single task, or special project, Krashproof delivers.
  • Hourly - Leverage our expertise when and where you need it, on-demand.
  • Fixed agreement - Integrate Krashproof into your teams, and we can help unleash more of your potential. Automating and iterating improvements into your development process.
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Training at Krashproof

We embrace change, and the oportunities it brings to improve processes and efficiency. Here at Krashproof we spend at least 2 weeks per year training, re-training and upskilling. With a focus on core industry standard tech like AWS, Kubernetes, Docker and Jenkins. We also keep up to date on new trends such as generative AI and ML to ensure we're prepared to add to our toolkit when these can be leveraged to meet our clients needs.

  • Continuous - Our team not only is trained to deliver value with DevOps solutions, we prioritize keeping our team members up-to-date.
  • Relevant - New tools and solutions are always emerging, we focus on those that bring the most value to our clients, not just the latest.
  • Certification - Our team leads ensure each team member has a personalized training plan and is independently vendor certified.

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